"Permanent lesson ON MY FACE!"
Yoooo I'm Danielle and I don't give a fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk (yes i do yes i do i was joking im sorry sorry sorry i give a fuck i give so many fucks i lied)


hoho it’s like Happy New Year guys, viria finally drew some Uhvatar!:DD

anyway, I was planning to draw this for really a WHILE, I had some doodles of them genderbent, but I didn’t consider them good enough I guess.. Since I was always not satisfied with Katara’s look or Sokka’s.

But this time ofasjdasdkh omg yes, I love this ‘Kataro’. Sokka would probably stay fabulous with her stylish boomerang. Boomerang girl, isn’t it nice?

Toph and Aang would probably be like the exact same.

Zuko…em. yeah. forever on her period (and yes this is a damn joke guys ) Don’t take it seriously. 

Mai….hoho Mai would be the best badass emotionless apathetic motherfucker ever known I can’t even handle it. too badass for words.

And Azulon….I have a strong feeling Azulon would be that perty dangerous gay prince and probably in love with Ty Lee (maybe I will draw him later but I wasn’t satisfied with his design so no not now)


maybe one day I will colour it because I want to:3



This is the actual BEST gender end I have ever seen in my entire life ever, and I mean that. I was going to pick out my favorites but they’re all my favorites

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