"MY soap doesn't have pubes on it"
Yoooo I'm Danielle and I don't give a poooooooooooooopppp (yes i do yes i do i was joking im sorry sorry sorry i give a poop i give so many poops i lied)
shameless + blue
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#Class starts at 715 gotta be at the bus stop for 640 lolol  #they made the start time earlier last year 

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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Just a thought but do you think Mickey will apologize to Ian for all the shit he put him through in the past, especially in season 3. I mean with Ian’s current illness it seems plausible Mickey might do it. Tbh I really hope to see that this season.

Do u mind telling us what you think he put Ian through and why an apology is in any way helpful or necessary to their current situations ?

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#Real  #Maybe Ian should apologize if that's how ur thinking  #maybe Ian should apologize for calling Mickey a coward in the aftermath of 306 instead of like  #supporting him  #the only thing Mickey rlly should apologize for is kicking Ian in the face tbh  #shameless 

about ian and mickey of course!! gallavich spoilers!


i don’t have a lot of good spoilers :|||

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#Spoilers are awful they can mean anything and all they do is fuck up your expectations  #but still I need to appreciate the art of the masterpost  #shameless s5  #speculation 

I guess my bedroom door is all kinds of fucked up bc I closed it behind me and turned off the light and went to go back to bed and I guess like? It wasn’t closed right? The top part must have popped out or some shit bc I heard a rlly loud thump and anyway it’s 3 am and i was walking across my room in the darkness and a heard a door slam behind me that shit scared the fuck out of me hs

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what do you call mickey when ian finally uses the anal beads on him

spoiled milkovich

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I have like six tabs open on this person’s blog and their blog title is “what happens in the ass stays in the ass” but I have so many tabs open it’s just “in the ass” six times in a row

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Ian, you alright? Ian? It’s Debbie.

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Some of the stunts on shameless are kinda shitty though???
Like in s2 when lip and Ian are fighting under the tracks, there’s like an old couch and three mattresses in a pile like just chilling like “yeah it’s just trash someone left three mattresses and a couch w/ some pillows under the tracks” and it’s like hmmmmm
And then in 301 there’s that scene where lip and Ian are running from the cops and Ian has to jump off the roof and in the shot of him jumping, cam’s reclined at this ridiculous angle and it’s obvious he’s jumping onto one of those inflatable stunt things, like??? Seriously if you were to jump off of a thing in that position you would never ever land on your feet

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#There's a lot of continuity errors and bad shots and stuff that I only pick up on during. Y rewatch  #and it barely even counts as a rewatch I just have it playing in the background while I do homework