"MY soap doesn't have pubes on it"
Yoooo I'm Danielle and I don't give a poooooooooooooopppp (yes i do yes i do i was joking im sorry sorry sorry i give a poop i give so many poops i lied)


ian putting his socked feet on top of mickey’s under the kitchen table during breakfast

mickey ignoring them at first, and then shooting a glare across the table when ian starts gently kicking him

ian bursting out laughing at the look on his face and the rest of the gallaghers giving them weird looks

mickey kicking ian to get back at him and then oops, ian got what he wanted and they’re playing footsie and mickey pretends not to smile through his mouthful of french toast

ian and mickey playing footsie under the gallagher kitchen table  (◠‿◠✿)

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(ง’̀-‘́)ง me gettin ready to fight you on the parking lot in order to defend my fav character

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

Man listen….


favorite fictional ladies  veronica fisher

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Am i the only one here who doesn't like Mickey that much?!



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I had a really fucked up day at work, made like one sell in 5 hours and my boss was just calling to yell at me. Shitty shitty day. I was sanding around talking to a co-worker when I see Noel Fisher walking around in the mall. So I kind of shirked, and got red, and excited. But I couldn’t just go over, I didn’t wanna interrupt him or anything:

me: holy crap, there is a guy there and he’s an amazing actor and he’s on one of my fav tv shows and I love him and holy crap kgdeurgtjfshdkdjd

Co worker: really? Go say hey then.

Me: nope… I’m way to embarrassed.

Co worker: what’s his name?

Me: Noel Fisher, why?

Co worker: Just wait here. *runs down the escalators after him*

She fucking BROUGHT HIM OVER. And I was a mumbling mess and was way too excited and told him that in my opinion he’s playing one of the most influential characters around. And that I really appreciate what he’s doing. And he was A SWEETHEART! And my day got about 400000 times better.

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mickey still blushes when he remembers the day he kissed ian inside that van

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Send me a number and I'll write out my top 5 fictional women.
1 - Protagonists
2 - Villains
3 - Superheroes
4 - Magical Girls
5 - Queens/Empresses/Royalty
6 - Who are adorable dorks
7 - That I'd invite to a sleepover/dinner party
8 - That I'd want to go on an adventure with
9 - That I'd want to be friends with
10 - That I'd want to kiss
11 - That I will love till the end of time
12 - Who I think deserved better endings
13 - I wish had better development/writing
14 - I wish had better a love interest(s)
15 - I want to rescue from their horrible narratives
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mickey counting his knuckles after being told there’s only 14 knuckles

mickey needing to prove he’s right about something b/c he’s a nerd

mickey being like what the fuck ever it doesn’t matter when he’s wrong 

mickey thinking about this later while trying to sleep at night probably

mickey arguing in his head that well there SHOULD BE 15 knuckles

mickey being like i’m not wrong it’s biology that’s wrong >:(((

fuck you biology for only giving people 14 knuckles >:(((

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